Description from the TIFF 2009 Catalog by Thom Powers:

Chris Rock brings his comic insights to this Mavericks conversation, highlighting his new documentary, Good Hair, and branching out in spontaneous directions. Rock is never short on opinions, delivered in his unmistakable rasp. In Good Hair (playing separately at the Festival), he focuses on the commerce and creativity behind African American hairstyles, unpacking a lot of cultural baggage that all of us carry, whether our hair is straight or curly.

Taboo subjects have always been his specialty. On sex: “A man is basically as faithful as his options.” On race: “There ain’t a white man in this room that would change places with me . . . And I’m rich!” On wealth: “Americans worship money. Shit, you know why banks are closed on Sunday? ‘Cause if they wasn’t, church would be empty.”

Rock has earned a reputation for his strong work ethic. When Entertainment Weekly named him the funniest person in America, he told the magazine that he trains for a stand-up routine like a fighter: “Work out in New York, hit three clubs in a night for eight straight weeks, seven nights a week.” This dedication has paid off in numerous hit comedy shows, including his most recent, Kill the Messenger, recorded during the 2008 presidential election. His take on Barack Obama: “We’ve never seen a black man so cool &”8211; that wasn’t in the music business.” And on the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright: “Have you ever met a seventy-five-year-old black man in this country that wasn’t angry? I mean, they have a few reasons.”

Beyond the comedy stage, he has brought his talents to creating the television series Everybody Hates Chris; playing film roles that range from a crack addict in New Jack City to a cartoon zebra in Madagascar; and even hosting the Academy Awards&”174;. No one medium is enough to contain Rock, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see him pursue documentary with such gusto. He always has a lot on his mind. We’re delighted to give him a live platform.