Description from TIFF 2010 catalog by Thom Powers:

Steve Nash has achieved remarkable things on the basketball court, becoming an NBA All-Star and MVP as point guard for the Phoenix Suns and playing in the Olympics for Canada’s national team. He was among the elite group of athletes who lit the Olympic torch to start the 2010 games in Vancouver. Now he displays a new set of talents as he makes his directorial debut with a film about another Canadian icon, Terry Fox. In this Mavericks session, Nash will present the world premiere of his hour-long film, followed by an extended conversation about sports, cinema and inspiration.

Into the Wind is an emotional retelling that will be eye-opening for a new generation and heart-swelling for those who lived through those times. In 1980, Fox was seeking a way to raise awareness for cancer research. His own struggle with the disease had resulted in the amputation of his right leg. Despite that handicap, Fox set out from Canada’s Atlantic shore with the ambition to run across the country, coast to coast. By the mid-point in his journey he had become a national hero. Sadly, Fox was forced to quit his run due to a reoccurrence of cancer that took his life at age twenty-three. In the film, we hear from Fox’s family and friends, interwoven with rich archival footage. They supply an insider’s account that makes us understand Fox as a human being, rather than just a symbol.

“I remember being a six-year-old boy and waking up every morning and rushing to the TV to see where Terry was that day,” Nash has said. “To see his face hiding the pain and to hear his words disguising the sacrifice was as motivating and as educational an experience as I’ve ever had.” Judging from Into the Wind, Nash has the potential for a second career in filmmaking. This is your chance to see him at the start.

About the directors:
Steve Nash was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He grew up in Victoria, B.C. before becoming a professional athlete. He currently plays point guard for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA. He was recently awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Victoria, in recognition of his athletic achievements and his philanthropic work through the Steve Nash Foundation. Into the Wind (co-director, 10) marks his filmmaking debut.

Ezra Holland was born Kingston, Ontario and studied architecture at Westminster University in London, England. A fascination with CGI as a way of exploring architectural space led him to directing short films, music videos and commercials. Through their production company, Meathawk, he and cousin Steve Nash have produced and directed viral films for brands such as Nike and Vitamin Water and created online content for Into the Wind (co-director, 10) is Holland’s latest film.