Description from TIFF 2011 catalog by Thom Powers:

Sarah Palin is a galvanizing political force in America’s deepening cultural rift. While her missteps are lambasted by critics and satirists, her base of support only grows. After her defeat as a Vice Presidential candidate and her resignation as Alaska’s governor, she retains a red-hot following stoked by her bestselling book Going Rogue: An American Life and the TV series Sarah Palin’s Alaska . She assiduously avoids tak&”173;ing questions from reporters, preferring to communicate with her fans via Facebook and Twitter. Filmmaker Nick Broomfield has never been fazed by uncooperative subjects, con&”173;ducting his pursuits like a vigilante armed with a boom pole, frequently backed by his collaborator Joan Churchill behind the cam&”173;era. His past documentary targets include Margaret Thatcher, Courtney Love and Heidi Fleiss. When headline makers block his access, he brings them down to a human scale by exploring their milieu.

For Sarah Palin &”8211; You Betcha!, that means travelling to Alaska. Broomfield makes several trips to interview Palin’s parents, neighbours and former colleagues. They trace her values to her upbringing in the Pentecostal faith. One memorable archival clip shows a church ceremony in which she is being exorcised of witches. An Alaskan pastor characterizes her faith as “apoca&”173;lyptic Christian” and elaborates, “She has no hesitancy to use violence against evil…Until you understand that, I don’t think you understand Sarah Palin.”

Can she rise to a higher office? Several former allies describe Palin throwing them “under the bus” when they got in the way of her ambition. John McCain’s senior strategist tells Broomfield that she’s “deeply dishonest,” describing her aspiration to be President as “spine-chilling.”

Broomfield brings a wry humour to his quest, but also draws out the serious impli&”173;cations of Palin’s political future. Is this worthy of your concern? You betcha.

About the directors:
Nick Broomfield was born in London and studied law at Cardiff University before attending England’s National Film School. His documentaries include Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer (92), Tracking Down Maggie (94), Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam (95), Kurt and Courtney (97), Biggie and Tupac (02) and Sarah Palin (11). His first dra&”173;matic feature, Battle for Haditha (07), premiered at the Festival.

Joan Churchill is a cinematographer, producer and director who graduated from UCLA Film School. She co-directed the documentaries Juvenile Liaison (76), Tattooed (79), Soldier Girls (81), Lily Tomlin (86), Juvenile Liaison 2 (90), Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (03) and Sarah Palin (11).