Description from TIFF 2006 catalog by Thom Powers:

In Sari~s Mother, director James Longley looks at an Iraqi woman struggling under U.S. occupation to care for her son Sari, who has AIDS. Longley brings the same stunning camera work and intimacy with his subjects that won him acclaim with his earlier film Iraq in Fragments. In all the documentaries about Iraq, portrayals of women have been rare. Sari~s Mother embodies a determination and resilience, showing that, in spite of the greatest odds, there can still be hope.

About the director:
James Longley was born in Eugene, Oregon. He won a Student Academy Award in 1994 for co-directing Portrait of Boy With Dog. His feature-length documentaries are Gaza Strip (02) and Iraq in Fragments (06). Sari~s Mother (06) is his latest film.

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