Description from TIFF 2012 catalog by Thom Powers:

Depending on one’s view, the philosopher and academic superstar Slavoj Žižek is a genius, madman, contrarian, clown, sensationalist, radical leftist, scourge of liberals, or all the above. What he never fails to be is wildly entertaining and provocative. He is also a world-class connoisseur of cinema, which was amply demonstrated six years ago when he collaborated with director Sophie Fiennes on The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, where he riffed off film clips and interpreted them through an eccentric — and often penetratingly insightful — psychoanalytic lens. Screened at the Festival in 2006, the film became an instant cinephile favourite. In this special Mavericks event, we bring you the world premiere of its eagerly anticipated follow-up, The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, preceding a live conversation between Fiennes and Žižek, who is making his first visit to the Festival.

This time around, Žižek examines film clips for their ideological implications both overt and hidden, and traces connections to our current times. Žižek relentlessly bounces from one film and one idea to the next — his eclectic associations encompassing The SearchersJawsTriumph of the WillTitanicM*A*S*HLoves of a Blonde, and Brazilas he clicks through capitalism, fascism, consumerism, Stalinism, religion and more. The experience is like being inside an intellectual pinball machine, setting off lights in your brain. Fiennes, meanwhile, does a masterful editing job, weaving Žižek’s voice into film scenes and physically inserting him into recreations of famous movie sets from films including A Clockwork OrangeTaxi Driver and The Sound of Music.

For the initiated, you’ve probably already ordered your ticket without even reading this far. For newcomers, welcome: you’ll never forget your first time at the movies with a pervert.