*Note: Stranger than Fiction has been rebranded to Pure Nonfiction at IFC Center. Visit here for more info: http://www.purenonfiction.net/at-ifc-center-winter-2019/


Stranger Than Fiction is a Tuesday night documentary series held at the IFC Center, hosted by Thom Powers and Raphaela Neihausen. STF presents an eclectic mix of documentaries – sneak previews and lost classics – followed by discussions with the filmmakers and post-show receptions. Now in its 14th year, STF has fostered new talent, won loyal audiences, and provided a gathering spot for New York’s independent film community. Esteemed speakers have included Michael Moore, Ira Glass, Laurie Anderson, Jonathan Demme and Barbara Kopple.

Contact us at Thom@STFdocs.com or Raphaela@STFdocs.com


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