image Yesterday we launched a 10 Day Documentary Challenge on Facebook to learn more about people’s favorite films. 

Here’s how to participate:
* Visit and click “like” so more people learn about it. 
* For 10 days, post your favorite films based on the following criteria to both your personal page and to the “Doc Challenge” page:

Day 1 – Favorite documentary
Day 2 – Favorite music documentary
Day 3 – Most underrated documentary
Day 4 – Best cinematography in a documentary
Day 5 – Favorite documentary character
Day 6 – Documentary that made you angry
Day 7 – Documentary that made you laugh
Day 8 – Most thrilling documentary
Day 9 – Best historical documentary
Day 10 – Best documentary you saw in the last year

You can also find these guidelines under the Doc Challenge’s “info tab”. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Raphaela & Thom