Reported by Erik Guzinski

Last night’s STF screening was a small gem known as PARALLEL LINES. Nina Davenport’s personal account of her cross country drive back to New York post 9/11 is a courageous work. She simultaneously tackles her own fears of a forever changed and emotionally damaged New York while audaciously (perhaps naively) poking around some of the forgotten corners (and people) of America with her camera.

Nina broaches some sensitive topics with complete strangers and it is amazing how quickly they share their intimate stories of loss and tragedy. In the Q&A, she admitted that there was no special tactic in convincing people to speak on camera. “I just left the camera on while engaging people in conversation.  I never turned it off until we had parted.”  By adopting a non judgmental position, she is able to gain great insights into these diverse lives. 

As always, the conversation continued with Nina, viewers and the STF crew at its weekly watering-hole “99 Below”.

image Our friendly 99 Below bartender AC, responsible for delicious $5 lemon-drop martinis that kept flowing all night long.
image The beautiful Spaniards make an appearance at STF!
image L to R: STF Executive Director Raphaela Neihausen, editor Kristin Rodriguez (DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK) and filmmaker Laura Poitras (MY COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY).
image Filmmakers Nina Davenport (PARALLEL LINES, OPERATION FILMMAKER) and Paul Devlin (BLAST).
image Clothing designer Elyse Allen of Elyse Allen Textiles
image Composer/musician James Preston Jr. and filmmaker Ron Grunhut (KNOCK ON WOOD).
image STF organizers Raphaela Neihausen and Thom Powers, being silly at the end of the night