STF sponsor SnagFilms hosted a great party in Sundance yesterday afternoon filled with all the documentary regulars, plus a few special guests (like Robert Redford!). 

imageL to R: P.O.V.‘s Yance Ford (who premieres her new film’s trailer tomorrow at the Chicken and Egg Party) with Stephanie Sharis of SnagFilms


image The perpetually dashing Robert Redford made a brief appearance at the packed party.
image L to R: Adrian Belic of GENGHIS BLUES (which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year) with filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris that many of you may remember from speaking at the STF St. Clair Bourne Tribute last fall.
image L to R: Indiewire journalists Brian Brooks and Eugene Hernandez.
image L to R: Film festival programmers David Nugent (Hamptons International Film Festival) and Colin Stanfield (Nantucket Film Festival).
image Filmmaker Ondi Timoner (who showed JOIN US at STF last spring) is at Sundance to premiere her new film WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.
image L to R: Ingrid Kopp and Jesse Epstein of Shooting People with documentary producer Trish Dalton. Jesse and Trish’s latest collaboration 34 X 25 X 36 shows today as part of LunaFest.