Two-time Academy Award&”174; winner Barbara Kopple (“Harlan County, USA,” “Wild Man Blues,” “The Hamptons”), three-time Emmy Award winner Bob Eisenhardt and Marijana Wotton create yet another powerful documentary as they profile several female war correspondents in the line of fire during the war in Iraq and other perilous assignments – including Molly Bingham, Janine di Giovanni, Mary Rogers, May Ying Welsh and Marie Colvin who was killed this past February.

This revealing cinematic tale examines one year in the personal and professional lives of five women journalists at different stages of their careers as they attempt to put a human face on otherwise impersonal tragedies, taking risks along the way to cover the world’s hot spots. Images and words have the power to shape public conscience; journalists bear witness to the weight of history, reminding us that the world extends beyond our backyards.