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“A hilarious and equally poignant tribute to the cultural shape we’re in.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Strikingly original.” – New York Daily News

Breasts celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. This hour-long documentary, produced by STF’s own Thom Powers, consists of interviews with 22 women – ages 6 to 84 – discussing how breasts play a crucial role in the experiences of puberty, motherhood, sex, health, and aging. Interspersed throughout the documentary are segments of breast-related archival footage including a racy 1920s animated cartoon, a 1950s beauty pageant, and a 1970s bra commercial.

The participants, most of whom appear topless, represent a wide range of age, size, race and background. They include an 11-year-old on the verge of puberty; a breast-feeding mother; a 24-year-old with a breast reduction; a stripper with implants; two women with mastectomies; the self-proclaimed leader of the “Strong Breast Revolution”; a beautiful transsexual; a 49-year-old who is concerned about the safety of her silicone implants; a 420-pound comedienne; and two mother-daughter pairs. Their candid thoughts are humorous, moving, and often surprising.

Spadola found her subjects by distributing “breast questionnaires” throughout New York City in doctors’ offices, youth centers, schools, strip clubs and elsewhere. Over two hundred women (and one man) responded. The interviews were filmed by an all-women crew.