Inspired by the record breaking accomplishments of Walter Ray Williams, Jr., the reigning professional bowler of the year, three newcomers set out to chase their own dreams of pro bowling greatness. Undaunted by the sport’s relegation to the back pages of sports sections, its television heyday long passed, Tony Rosamalia, a 23 year-old tour rookie from New Jersey, joins fellow rookie Anton Sonny Pavelchak from upstate New York and sophomore wonder, Bob Vespi on the nationwide Professional Bowlers Tour.

The tour grinds through bowling alleys and cheap hotels from Southern California, across the wintery heart of the Midwest, on its way to the sport’s culminating event at the Mecca of bowling, Erie, Pennsylvania. The bowlers battle inexperience, self-doubt, loneliness, financial troubles and the over optimistic expectations of family members who must foot the bill. And always there is the supremely talented Walter Ray. He is ever a step ahead, relentless in his pursuit of becoming the greatest bowler ever to step on a set of lanes.

By season’s end the road has taken its toll. Only one newcomer staggers into the final stop, the tour’s Superbowl of bowling in Erie. But there, in a surprising turn of events, that last bowler standing earns his stripes, literally turning defeat into a personal victory. For him the dream of becoming a Pin God lives on.