A TABLE IN HEAVEN is Andrew Rossi’s lively portrait of Le Cirque founder Sirio Maccioni and the three adult sons – Mauro, Marco and Mario — to whom he will one day leave his formidable cultural and culinary legacy. The access Rossi gains to this loud, loving and larger-than-life family is remarkable, but so is his timing: the film takes us through the closing of the “old” Le Cirque on New Years Eve 2004 and its celebrated re-birth in New York’s Bloomberg building two years later.

While it’s true that A TABLE IN HEAVEN is a must-see for anyone who cares about food (and that the kitchen in the Maccionis’ Manhattan apartment is just as small as their own), Rossi’s film also has a lot to say about the challenges of running a small business, the enduring allure of simplicity (prosciutto e melone), and the legitimacy of a new elite that may shape, for better or worse, one of New York’s most treasured institutions.

Screening will be followed by a special reception catered by Le Cirque.