STF WINTER SEASON SPECIAL – The 87-year-old Richard Leacock makes a special return appearance to STF, visiting from his home in Paris, to present and discuss film clips that accompany the autobiography that he’s been writing for several years.

Leacock’s career spans the whole history of modern documentary, making his first film CANARY BANANAS at the age of 13. He served as a cameraman in World War II and on Robert Flaherty last film LOUISIANA STORY. In the 1960s, Leacock pioneered the 16 mm movement working with Drew Associates on classics such as PRIMARY and CRISIS and with D.A. Pennebaker on MONTEREY POP. Leacock directed several touchstone works including HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and CHIEFS (about a 1968 police convention). As an instructor at MIT, he inspired a new generation of filmmakers including Ross McElwee and Rob Moss. In the age of video, he directed the first hi-8 film shown on French television LES OEUFS A LA COQUE. And that’s only skimming the surface of his credits.

Two years ago, STF presented a tribute to Leacock showing TOBY AND THE TALL CORN, JAZZ DANCE and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY that was unforgettable to everyone who attended.

This AUTOBIOGRAPHY presentation will focus on different works and is not to be missed!