FOLLOW THE LEADER is a real-life coming-of-age story of three traditional American boys with Presidential dreams. At sixteen-years-old, high school Class Presidents Ben, D.J. & Nick are all conservatives who plan to continue leading their peers as President someday. Over three life-changing years, they split into Republican, Democratic and Independent camps as each discovers what he truly believes – and what path he wants to follow into the future.

Growing up at a critical moment for America as well, their lives “force us all to rethink assumptions about tomorrow’s leaders, the impact of 9/11 on them, and the political views of the millennial generation” (Christian Science Monitor). As shocking as “Jesus Camp,” as revealing as “American Teen,” and as funny as “Spellbound” – FOLLOW THE LEADER is the true story of what “change” means for three young leaders who feel destined to lead the world.